Antonio Rosetti Portrait

The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister:
The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti

University of Rochester Press, 2014
Sterling E. Murray

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Sterling E. Murray
Professor Emeritus
West Chester University


Music Examples

Chapter 10 - Symphonies
10A 10C 10E 10G 10I  
10B 10D 10F 10H 10J  

Chapter 11 - Concertos
11A 11B 11C 11D 11E 11F  

Chapter 12 - Harmoniemusik
12A 12B 12C 12D 12E 12F  

Chapter 13 - Nonliturgical Music for Voice and Orchestra
13A 13B 13C 13D      

Chapter 14 - Music for the Church
14A 14B          

Chapter 17 - Domestic Music: Keyboard Pieces and Lieder in Blumenlese für Klavierliebhaber
17A 17B 17C 17D 17E  

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