Antonio Rosetti Portrait

The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister:
The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti

University of Rochester Press, 2014
Sterling E. Murray

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Sterling E. Murray
Professor Emeritus
West Chester University


About Sterling E. Murray

Sterling E. Murray received his PhD in musicology from the University of Michigan in 1973. For thirty-six years Professor Murray was a member of the music faculty of the School of Music at West Chester University. In 2008 he was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Music History. He has also taught at Temple University, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Southampton in Southampton, England.

Professor Murray is the author of several books dealing with Rosetti and Wallerstein: The Music of Antonio Rosetti (Anton Rösler) ca. 1750-1792: A Thematic Catalog (Harmonie Park Press, 1996); Antonio Rosetti, Five Wind Partitas: Music for the Oettingen-Wallerstein Court (A-R Editions, 1989, as vols. 30-31 in Recent Researches in the Music of the Classic Era); Seven Symphonies from the Court of Oettingen-Wallerstein, l773-l795 (Garland Press, l98l); and has contributed chapters on the Rosetti’s symphonies to The Symphonic Repertoire, Vol. I: The Eighteenth Century, ed. by Mary Sue Morrow and Bathia Churgin (Indiana University Press, 2013). Dr. Murray also edited with Sonja Gerlach a collection of Haydn’s symphonies (Hob. I: 76-81) for the Joseph Haydn Werke, Reihe I, Band 6, published by the Joseph Haydn-Institut (Cologne, Germany, 2004) and a collection of essays dealing with the music of Haydn and His Contemporaries (Steglein Press, 2011).

His research has been published in a number of scholarly journals, including Musik in Bayern, Mozart-Jahrbuch, Kosmas, The Journal of Musicology, Hudební veda, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Music and Letters, and The Musical Quarterly. He has also contributed to several reference sources, including Lexikon zur Deutschen Musik-Kultur, New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and Britain in the Hanoverian Age, 1714-1837.

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