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The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister:
The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti

University of Rochester Press, 2014
Sterling E. Murray

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Sterling E. Murray
Professor Emeritus
West Chester University


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Part One: Biography and Context

The first of the book considers the life of Rosetti with special attention given to his service to the Wallerstein and Schwerin Hofkapellen. The research of this portion of the study is based heavily on documents from the archives of both of these courts and is rich in direct quotations from these previously inaccessible sources. In most instances, these documents, which tell us much about the daily activities of the Kapellen of these two court, have not been made available except to a small scholarly community and then without English translation.

Chapter 1 Becoming a Musician, 1750-73
Chapter 2 Setting the Stage: The Early Years of the Oettingen-Wallerstein Hofkapelle
Chapter 3 Kraft Ernst Builds a Hofkapelle, 1773-76
Chapter 4 Wallerstein Court Musician, 1773-81
Chapter 5 The Oettingen-Wallerstein Hofkapelle in the 1780s
Chapter 6 Music for a Prince: The Court Repertory
Chapter 7 Rosetti in Paris, 1781-82
Chapter 8 Years of Achievement and Recognition, 1782-89
Chapter 9 Rosetti and the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Hofkapelle, 1789 to 1792
Part Two: The Music

The second half portion of the text of the book focuses on an examination of form and style in Rosetti's music. Commentary is generously illustrated by musical examples, all of which are presented in full orchestral score The intent has been not only to identity and isolate factors of musical composition whose use and application contribute to defining the composer’s musical style, but also to place Rosetti’s musical achievements within a broader stylistic context that might allow one to separate factors of convention from others of true originality. What emerges from this investigation is a portrait of a composer who, having conquered the stylistic language of his day, challenged those conventions to produce imaginative and highly creative works of great beauty.

Chapter 10 Symphonies
Chapter 11 Concertos
Chapter 12 Harmoniemusik
Chapter 13 Nonliturgical Music for Voice and Orchestra
Chapter 14 Music for the Church
Chapter 15 Serenade for a Prince and Requiem for a Princess
Chapter 16 Chamber Musicx
Chapter 17 Domestic Music: Keyboard Pieces and Lieder in Bossler's Blumenlese Für Klavierliebhaber
Chapter 18 Rosetti in Perspective


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