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The Career of an Eighteenth-Century Kapellmeister:
The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti

University of Rochester Press, 2014
Sterling E. Murray

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Sterling E. Murray
Professor Emeritus
West Chester University


Welcome to the online companion to The Life and Music of Antonio Rosetti. This new book presents a detailed account of the life and professional career as well as a comprehensive study of the music of Antonio Rosetti (c.1750-1792), a talented court composer of the late eighteenth century.

This web site and how to use it

The voluminous size of this project has made it necessary to seek ways in which to reduce the presentation of the results of my research without eliminating documentation and additional data essential to the argument of the text. This website acts as an extension of the text. In order to conserve space, the original language text of all extensive quotations cited in English translation in the narrative or its footnotes have been placed on the website. Each quotation is presented separately and can be accessed under a number that represents the chapter and footnote which this quotation documents or includes (2.14 includes the original language text associated with the fourteenth footnote in chapter 2). Translations are of varying lengths ranging from a single phrase to a paragraph or more. In addition, the website also includes musical examples not found in the text. These additional musical examples are considered supplemental to the discussion in the book or are intended to provide further illustration for a point being made in the narrative. Although Rosetti’s compositions are well represented in modern editions, many libraries cannot afford to house all of these publications, and it is considered essential for the reader to have as much access to Rosetti’s music as possible.

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